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December 6, 2010

Fashion Statements and Dirty Women

I've noticed here in my corner of the midwest region that riders tend to dress rather conservatively (except for the bumble bee incident) ☺.  I am an outcast, and fighting my inner demons to indeed not make a total spectacle of myself.  I long for knee high striped socks in zany colors (worn of course on the outside of my tights), tie dyed shirts in my color of the day, and if only my hoof boots would sparkle with each and every step.   All around me I notice those very civilized equestrians with grey, and black, and brown (except for the bumble bee incident).  Sure, they look real nice  I mean really, what is wrong with the chubby lady wearing hot pink and glow stick earrings?  Must they look at me strangely?  My closest concept of looking conservative is an epic fail, though I do sigh and pull on charcoal tights, and a charcoal helmet, and a black or grey shirt.  If I'm feeling like I'm gonna have to break out, then blue houndstooth checked tights and a black shirt.  Well woooo weeeeee.   I'd love to open up my mail box to find ZEBRA STRIPED tights and a glow in the dark T-shirt.  Now as if this isn't hardship enough, these same people come into the vet checks looking CLEAN.  How do you ride an endurance ride and not sweat like your horse, get slathered in mud, and have horse hair all over you?  I swear some of them look as clean when they finish as when they started.  Maybe I'm the "eccentric" one of the bunch.   Not only do I not make a fashion statement you wouldn't know it anyway because of the sweat, the dirt, and the horse hair.  I am an outcast.  ~E.G.


  1. I just ordered a lime green endurance bridle with hot pink trim and pink chaps to match.

    I also wear camo breeches.

    ROCK ON!

  2. It must be a regional thing--most of our riders look like they dressed in the dark out of the Goodwill "freebie" bins!

    Me, I'm never happy without a bit of purple...okay, a LOT of purple. My horse is plain brown, and I am plain pale, so I'm just jazzing us up, right?

  3. Jacke, your description is a riot!! :) I do so know what you mean about the dirt and sweat and horse hair everywhere! This time of year, add to that mud and poop and cleaning, or trying to, the dirty blankets, and, well, apparently to be around horses means we never look our best :)! Even so, some of the happiest moments I have, are when I am dirty and covered with horse hair! LOL!

  4. the dressage queen in me pines for black, but the terrorist pony requires burgundy and chocolate with her rider in any color burgundy, hot pink, or the like with chocolate tights and a heinous orchid turnout blanket. dirt and sweat are like socks - always present! folks who stay clean are obviously not having as much fun as I am...

  5. Embrace your inner tacky!!! Got to have the color:
    Sinatra ROM08