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December 20, 2010

Good Reading...for a dastardly snowy day

Is Your Horse Fit?

"Top-level athletes are put into rigorous training programs and are often in training year-round. However, the training program of most horses is usually interrupted. In Alberta, winter often means a substantial decrease in activity level because adverse weather may prohibit riding. Other horses may be given time off after the show season. Injuries may also require a period of lay-up while the horse recuperates. The question then becomes, how much fitness is lost and how fast does it disappear?".... Source document from Government of Alberta website, link below.

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Athletic Animals

Heat Production, Fluid Balance, Hydration and Electrolytes in Endurance Horses. You can lead a horse to water but....

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Principles of Conditioning

The success of a conditioning program relies on the body's adaptive response to the stress of exercise. If the horse performs the same amount of exercise every day, a certain level of fitness is attained as the horse adapts to the workload. However, without a further increase in training load (an increase in training duration, intensity, or both), there will be no further increase in fitness. To achieve a conditioning or training effect...."click here for the full article by Lori Warren, PhD, PAS Provincial Horse Specialist Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Edmonton, Alberta

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