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December 21, 2010

31 Things You May Have Suspected

I approach this with much trepidation, but Tamara "The Barb Wire" has thrown down the gauntlet of exposure.  To this I say why?  WHY?  You know no thrown down gauntlet goes unpunished...

So here goes 31 things you may have suspected, or uh----maybe not.

#1.   I am an introvert.  Love, love, love people in small settings, but four or more is a crowd.

#2.  In social settings you will wonder if I am deaf and mute. (see #1)

#3.  I am unreasonably in love with a horse that would just as soon stomp me, as eat my cookie.

#4.  My workplace is a large mental health services agency.  Good place to be, really.

#5.  From ages 2-26 I spoke my mind, stood up for what was right.  Now days I just keep my head down in hopes of "survival."

#6.  Squealing, crying, tantruming children stick me to the wall.  Don't waterboard me if you want information, just put me in a room with one of those and I'll tell you ANYTHING you want to hear.

#7.  I believe that adults should not have children until they are at least 40 years old (see above).

#8.  Cold cheese makes me gag.

#9.  Melted cheese is something wonderful.

#10.  I am addicted, yes I have a monkey on my back and it is called the McDonald's Mocha Frappe.  I'm so ashamed...

#11.  If I could only eat one food it would be potatoes.  Fried, hashbrowned, baked, boiled, mashed, scalloped, see where we are going here?

#12.  If I could only drink one thing it would be decaf iced tea, kind of sweet.

#13.  I have three grandchildren, and will likely have three step grandchildren added in within the next year.  Thankfully they have all pretty much passed the age of screaming tantrums.  The youngest, William is super cute :)

#14.  My dog of choice is the boxer.  I have had three.  The current boxer is about ten years old and is nicknamed "the snuggle bunny."

#15.  I'm a sucker for stray animals.  Just ask the five cats on the porch.  Anyone need a cat?

#16.  Planning and structure are my motivators.  No plan, no activity.

#17.  My house is chaos.  I'm not ready for an episode of hoarders yet, but if I don't clean out the little office room soon EMS may have to be called in case of a collapse.

#18.  The barn stalls are picked out daily, and I'm a total neat freak about each and every little horse turd going into the poop heap.  (where are my prioritites?)

#19.  We live on a dead end road with only five other families on this road.  I'd be much happier if I was at the end of the road rather than the middle.

#20.  Knives totally freak me out.   You can throw guns all over the place and I am undaunted, but one lowly  paring knife left out on a counter top just creeps me out.

#21.  My favorite reading material is criminal suspense (which explains #20).

#22.  My husband and I met at work.

#23.  He proposed on our first date!

#24.  I said no.

#25.  I love costume jewelry.  Not big on the pricey stuff as it causes to much angst if I break it, lose it, or get an emotional animosity towards it.  The cheap stuff is fun, and you can just go buy a new one!

#26.  White gold or silver, never yellow gold.

#27.  My favorite stone is turquoise, but I rarely find it in an attractive piece as I like dainty jewelry.  But since I mostly do #25 it doesn't matter.

#28.  Political correctness is a bunch of hooey!  They need to ship out Washington and do it all OVER.

#29.  I'm a conservative.  Probably more conservative than a conservative.

#30.  If I could live anywhere it would be somewhere in Washington state, so pretty.

#31.  I love my grey hair and consider it a badge of honor.  Will not be coloring it.

So there!  Thirty-one lovely meaningless or not morsels of information about me.  Your turn...GO!!!


  1. #30 : Washington State...but which one ??? We have a Dry Side and a Wet Side, you know!

    C'mon over, gal. The rain is very pretty today. And heck, we'll get an extra 60 seconds of sunlight tomorrow....

  2. Washington state? The one that has towering trees and plenty of trail...otherwise I'm flexible. I'm going to film a documentary about Sasquatch too :)

  3. Woohoo! Thanks for not leaving me all alone! :D

    Look out for that WA weather. If you want the trees, you have to take the rain...and mud...and mold...

    I'm from Oregon. I know these things.

  4. You work at a mental health place? I temped at one for a couple of months - it was an excellent job. I felt like I was really helping people.

  5. EG, Don't know what the gauntlet was but it is interesting to read your list. Nothing to be ashamed about loving mocha frappes-yum! Same with iced tea!