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November 5, 2010

If Toes Creep you out Don't LOOK!

My husband has accused me of the good and the bad, and the ugly on this blog. This definitely falls into category two and three. Everytime I ride a distance over 25 miles the toenail on this foot falls off. Makes me wonder what will happen if I attempt a 50! This toe is slightly longer than my big toe and I don't know for sure what the pressure point is that is causing the damage, but this is the fifth time this toe nail has fallen off ☻.

I ride in Ariat All Terrain Boots, and use the Easyride caged stirrups. I'm suspecting that this toe is for some reason pressing against the stirrup cage, or somehow getting jammed to the end of my boot.

Anyone have a cure for toe nails that fall off....? ~E.G.


  1. I lose toe nails also, for pretty much the same reason: a longer second toe than big toe, though I've lost pinkey toenails and my foot threatened to lose a big toenail once, too, but the damage grew out before it fell off. I haven't been able to figure out any cure either! I blogged about my little adventures with toenails here and here here.
    So far, super glue is the only suggestion I've gotten.
    Good luck with your toes EG! And if someone does tell you how to save your tootsies, I'd love to know about it!

  2. The darned thing hurt so bad towards the last five miles of Day 1 that I was concerned about being able to attempt the next day. The first day I had on thick wool socks, the second day I put on the thinnest pair of socks I had and put two bandaids around the nail. With the bandaids and thinner socks I had no additional pain and was able to ride on the second day. I wonder if I just need to buy a half size larger shoe to accomodate the toe?

  3. Runners get this also. It is from repeated pressure on the nail bed. You need longer shoes to fit all of your toes. :)