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November 5, 2010

Can someone explain to me what these numbers mean?

1 L 04:19 Janice Taylor on Noways 150/150
2 F 04:19 Cindy LaRoy Young on Lord Of Kings 150/125
3 M 04:27 Bill Wilson on Run Or Roll 150/110 BC
4 H 04:37 Don Meuten on Fury 150/100

These are the top 4 at Spook Run 2010 on day one. After each horses name is a set of two numbers. What is the significance of the numbers? On this particular day the 150/150 horse is not best condition, the 150/110 is the BC, are these some kind of weighted scoring and if so can someone explain to me what the numbers mean? Trying to understand more about Endurance (true endurance vs. LD) scoring and such.

On the second day the 50 mile winners looked like this

1 M 04:05 Robert Gielen on FC Galaxy 150/150 BC
2 J 04:56 McKaleigh Burton on O-ZS Midnight Cowboy 110/0
3 F 04:56 Lois McAfee on LMS Hoosier 150/125
4 J 04:56 Austin Shaffer on Pearl Jam 70/0

Someone help me out?

I'm also curious about the difference between the rules of riding LD and Endurance. For instance, an LD horse's in time is when pulse criteria is met, correct? Does this hold true for an endurance horse? And in LD I might come in 5 minutes behind another LD rider and place above them because of that rule, right? What about endurance? Endurance allows how long now to pulse down to criteria? half hour, or hour? I know a prosepective rule change was in the air, but missed the resolution of that one. Yes. I've looked at the rule book but I'm kind of murky on the understanding part of a few things. ~E.G.


  1. The first number is the number of points for your weight division. The second is the number of points for overall placing. First in the division gets 150 pts for a 50 miler. You get your weight division placing based on your division points, and your overall regional placing (as well as some of the national awards) are based on overall points.

    Juniors don't get overall points, thus the difference on Day 2.

    For a 50, your finish time is when you cross the line, NOT when you pulse. The clock stops as soon as you finish (thus you can "race" in on a 50, where that would be counter productive on a LD). Your placing is in relation to the order you crossed the finish line. You currently have 60 minutes after crossing the finish for a 50 to pulse down AND present for your completion vetting. Some rides *CAN and MAY* elect to use a stricter 30-minute criteria. This must be announced prior to the ride.

    ~ C, Ride Manager and 50+ mile rider =)

  2. The numbers are points for your weight division. This equates to the points award for regional weight division points. First in each weight division gets 150 points. Then ten fewer points for the second place horse in that weight division. The second number is overall for your weight division. I believe that has something to do with how many horses were competing in your weight division and your relative placement. The number would likely be zero if you were the only one riding in that weight division, though like I said I'm not sure about that second number.

    Endurance is different for pulse at the finish. During the ride at vet checks it is the same, your pulse time starts your hold time. However, at the finish your finish time is your finish, that solidifies your placing. As long as you pulse with 1 hour or 30 min depending on that specific ride's rules you have your placement already no matter how many people pulse in before you. I dont think the 30 min pulse time at the finish was passed but it is at the ride manager's discretion as to the 30 vs 1 hr as long as it is announced before the ride starts.

  3. Thanks. I was WAY OFF on that one, I was thinking those numbers had something to do with BC, points never occurred to me!