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August 22, 2010

Getting an idea of where we are at today.

Right now I have myself about a ten mile horse. We covered sixteen miles but it was like trying to squeeze toothpaste out of an empty tube. Old behaviors in attendance included, not eating, and not drinking for the first 15 miles. By the time she started drinking at about the 15 mile mark, she was pretty well used up. We weren't breaking any sound barriers either, just walk, trot, walk, trot with one very brief canter on a flat trail.

Temps today: 87.7 °F
Scattered Clouds
Humidity: 51%
Heat index: 91 degrees °F

We are going to have to hustle to build back up to 30 miles again.


On the booting frontier...we ran with Easyboot Gloves on the front, and bare on the hinds. I was not impressed with the sport tape for giving the boot a little extra grip. The Mueller's unraveled once it was wet. I've had far better luck using a good quality vet wrap. On the positive side she was much more forward booted. We did the first lap booted, and the second bare hooved and lost a lot of time slowing down for the various graveled areas on the trail. Next long ride I'm going to try using Epics on the front, and Gloves on the hinds. We have to work out our hind boot issues prior to our next competition. If all else fails I'll order some Goober Glue! I need to dig out my power straps and get them on the hinds for a snugger fit. No rubs today! I've come to believe that rubs are due to OVER tightening the gaiters.


  1. I know that the Epics had a reputation for rubbing, but it seems to me that the fine print on the Gloves say that they won't over-tighten???

  2. I've only had gaiter rubs once ever, and I had really snugged them up. Now I make sure I can get a finger into the top of the gaiter and have had zero issues since. Phebes has such a fine coat that you can see her pinto markings underneath, on the rear of her pasterns you can see the pink skin which makes it really sensitive to rubs or abrasions. The booting thing is very much still a work in progress.