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August 24, 2010

Booting with Easyboot Gloves

I'm trying to work out my minor booting issues before our next LD in October. I have ordered the size O Easyboot Glove for the great booting experiment. In the meantime, tonight we used 0.5's on all four. Our LD in the spring she popped out of one hind boot on the hilly terrain. I pulled the hinds at the halfway and continued on with only the fronts booted. Since many rides take you over blacktop, and gravel, often for miles, I feel better if we boot all the way around. It means we can continue trotting over terrain that I would otherwise walk with a bare hoof. Sunday I tried the sport tape approach, and once it was wet it was just a sodden mess and literally sloughed off the hooves. In fairness, her hooves were wet before application, though I did towel dry them, the stuff just didn't adhere to my liking. Then once it was wet from creek crossings, it was worse. I will try this method again on a very dry day and see if it is better if applied in a bone dry environment. So tonight I broke out my vet wrap that I purchase from RURAL KING, It is a very tacky vet wrap, and after I pulled her boots tonight I about gave myself a fit trying to get the stuff unwrapped, it was very firmly stuck to itself even though we waded the creek four times. Didn't have scissors at the barn and had to rip and tear, and rip and tear some more. The boots didn't twist, turn, or come off. We cantered some flats and some uphills, with some easy trotting on long uphills. Zero issues. So vet wrap is working very well at least for hill training at the trot and flat cantering at 5 miles duration. I'll boot again on the weekend for a longer ride...hoping to haul out somewhere.

Phebes did great tonight. A nice slow trot (the one I've strived for) and a nice easy canter (the one I've hoped for), and no behavioral issues except some head twirling on our repeats up the hill (she does have a right to her opinion). Phebes was real steady at the park last weekend, and solid as a rock this evening. No silly stuff, just a solid working performance. She is beginning to feel like the horse I've wanted for so long. ~E.G.


  1. Great news! She will just keep getting better. Not that you won't have moments of regressions, but if you are persistent in your goals, you will grow together as a team!

  2. Lida,

    Any chance of an early start on Saturday and a distance goal of 18 miles? I'm trying hard to stretch our distance and last long ride was 17 miles. An alternative would be 10 miles if we can keep a good 5-6 mph pace. We are to the point we either need to go farther, or shorter/faster. Let me know what you have in mind for Doc's goal so we can work it out.