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July 31, 2010

X-TREME Trail Challenge

Leading Way Farm hosted this event. It was their first year, entry fees were a low $20, with a first place payback of $100. You were on a cross country course with various judged obstacles along the way, but you were also on the clock, so faster was better. I was parked at the start, and near the log drag so unfortunately most of my pictures reflect those two places. We did not stay for all the competitors because the riders started at ten minute intervals so competitors wouldn't pile up at the various obstacle points. The obstacles that I know of involved a very steep uphill climb,wooden bridge to cross, a river crossing, a cowboy curtain, dragging a tire, at some point they were to rope a steer head, and go over some jumps. Those are just the ones that we figured out from talking to folks. The hosts were fantastic. They opened up their beautiful log home, swimming pool, and kitchen to a bunch of strangers. Free coffee, and lunch for a very affordable price.

Phebes would have been able to do very few of these obstacles, which shows that I really don't have much of a handle on her training. I was looking around thinking...we'd spook there...oh THERE would be really bad...wonder if she'd make it across the field without unloading me. I did find out they have a person that gives lessons on all the skills needed to compete. So at least we can have a goal for the fall and winter.

Nicole and Cora were there, so nice to see them. Cora is like the cutest little girl on the planet and that million dollar smile is always there :) ~ E.G.

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  1. I almost signed up for this. I think Doc & I would have had a blast. But I decided to go to Midwest Trail ride for a weekend camping with the girls. July has been a crazy/busy month so I needed a weekend to relax. And while the cowboy challenge would have been fun, I don't think it would have been relaxing. :-) Plus, I needed to brush up on my get opening skills and have never done the shower curtain thing so would have liked to have practiced that first. ;-)