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July 17, 2010

Riding in shorts and tennis shoes anyone?

Riding in shorts was given a try of late, and with the sheepskin cover for saddle and leathers I'm finding it very "doable." What I did find however was that my particular pair of tennis shoes were uncomfortable in my enclosed easyride stirrups. The outer side of my foot presses uncomfortably against the stirrup. Over the long haul that would be a definite deal breaker of discomfort.

Are any of you riding in shorts? What type have you found works for longer distances ( To my knowledge no manufacturer is making a riding short vs. tights)

When riding in tennis shoes which brand do you find most supportive both on the horse and tailing up hills? (my current shoe of choice has been the ariat boots that resemble a cross between a tennis shoe and a hiking boot) I'm looking for a supportive, lightweight, tennis shoe that will give comfort in the stirrup, but be supportive when on foot.

Thoughts ladies?



  1. Dave Rabe from the West region rides in jean shorts all the time, rain, sleet, snow or hail! wouldn't be caught dead in tights. he put on a pair of jeans once for an Easyboot picture. but he's tough. I haven't tried shorts, afraid of rubbing though one saddle I use has a sheepskin cover. I think my lower legs would rub raw quickly. for boots I use the Roper Horseshoes, also a sort of a higher top riding tennis shoe/boot. really like them,and they last a fairly long time.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  2. you don't have to publish this, i just don't see your email on your blog. Here's Monk's story : )

  3. I have a huge scar on my left knee, a souvenir of my tomboy childhood, and I never wear shorts. Right now I just ride in cheap jogging pants - western fenders means I don't need chaps.

    And I hate all my shoes. I ride in sneakers or hiking boots and I'm not happy with any of them, honestly. Still better than cowboy boots - how the hell did I ride in jeans and boots for so long?!?

  4. I stopped riding in shorts the day the horse I was riding scraped it down the long side of the arena on the railing.

    I'm not sure what shoe to suggest at this point. I need ankle support (why I prefer lace over zip paddock boots), and am weary of the amount of support Terrains offer. I'm tempted to try them because my paddock boots need replacing.

    However, keep your eye on Ariat in early 2011. A friend of mine heads up Ariat's regional sales team and just got back from a conference. He was really excited about a new design Ariat plans on releasing ~Jan '11. More sports shoe than boot with the durable forked sole and a molded heel -- he's not really a horse person and he couldn't go into details but I'm interested to see what they come out with.

  5. I still have not. I have the caged stirrups and full sheepskin cover. But I know the bugs would eat me up and I'd be covered in poison ivy/oak. Don't know how you do it. The deer flies are biting thru my summer breeches like they are nothing. Not to mention all the burs that are caught on my sheepskin cover when I get back from a ride. I have cut my trails back some but when I ride them quickly I still brush up against the brush at times.

    And I just don't like tennis shoes unless I'm running. I am a boot girl at heart, even when I'm not riding. I use Ariat Terrains, I like the way the zip up ones look the best.

    BTW my husband rides in shorts though. We share the cover and whenever we ride together he gets it. I don't know how he does it but he just rides in jean shorts and no shirt, most of the time. But he has switched from sandals to a new pair of Ariat Terrains. He really likes them.


  6. I bought Terrains once... I hated them.. they are rotting in my sun room. I've used Asic Gel Enduros for the past 6 years and finally broke down and bought a new pair of Enduros this year since the old ones worked so well. Love 'em. Also have been riding in my new Vibram Fivefingers KSOs w/shorts and sheepskin cover... AWESOME!! Aside from the chiggers and ticks and needing to coat myself with 10000% Deet to attempt to keep them at bay... love this set up for keeping cool in this nasty heat and my feet are MUCH more comfortable after getting wet during sponging at creek crossings.