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July 13, 2010

All lateral work and bending

Phebes is catching on to yielding off of my legs but we have encountered a technical difficulty in our work at the side pass. If we are sidepassing to the left, she gets her booty cocked that direction and a bend in her neck in the opposite direction. I'm sure it is something I'm doing, but haven't unraveled what that thing is quite yet. We tried the turning on the hind in a pivot in the 10 foot box tonight. Piece of cake in the clockwise direction and pretty sloppy (but we stayed in the box!) going counter clockwise. I feel that she tries very hard to understand what I'm trying to get across to her. The only negative I see is she is very sluggish doing the things, kind of like the gears need oiled. I'll assume that with more practice she will get better? Our best work was through the cones at the trot, she moves so pretty through those that it seems almost effortless. Fun stuff, but an hour and you are ready to be done for the day. We don't have our jump yet. ~E.G.


  1. Does it help to do it on the ground first, and when she's doing it excellently there, get right on and try it from her back?
    And also, I do just little ground worky things with every horse I ride, before we go out for a ride, and after we get back - turn on the fore, turn on the hind, side steps both ways, back. of course, i am NO expert.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  2. I found it does help to work on side passing on the ground and getting that solid. But I always practice near a gate. Horses seem to get that a gate needs to be opened, so sometimes that helps. Im' no expert, but I've worked on this too.

  3. If she is pushing ahead with her hind end and trailing with her neck, it sounds like too much inside rein. try evening your rein pressure or even taking up on the outside rein (in direction of travel). Make sure your body stays square and you are looking the direction you want to go- not at her neck.