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July 3, 2010

Change of plan today

Lida has a truck problem today and had to cancel. She is going to try and get her issues resolved and find someplace to get her ride in closer to home. I sure missed getting to see them, but there is always plan "B". Phebes hasn't hit a lick in over three weeks so we rode here for a couple of hours. Mostly walk, some trotting, and some short easy canters. I was glad that I chose to call it a day at eight miles because it took her six and half minutes to pulse down. Phebes is definitely NOT a hot weather horse. I did give her pre-ride electroltyes and she drank well after six miles. She even drank out of her water bucket which is a first, good Phebes!

We have about thirteen weeks before our next planned ride. We will take it easy, bump our distance back up gradually. I'm going to put a lot more focus on her behavior and less so on distance / time goals. I'd rather have her going down the trail right and build a better partnership, then keep fighting her on the rides. Our camp site is reserved for Cave Country Canter.

Today was the first time I tried out my used to be brown merino wool stirrup leather covers which are now a lovely black. I liked them a lot and will try a ride soon wearing shorts and tennis shoes and see how it goes. ~E.G.

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  1. Do you sponge Phoebe? My mare is large and dark, so cooling is always my top priority for her in hot weather. I carry a big sponge on a string to drop in puddles and creeks if I know there will be some, and/or a waterbottle or two to squirt water on her neck as we go along.

    If there is a breeze or we are travelling at speed, I allow the air to evaporate the water. If it's very humid, I scrape off the water with the blade of my hand.

    (squirting water on the thighs of the rider is an effective HUMAN cooling trick, by the way)