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July 5, 2010

Acclimating to the Heat and Humidity

Our extreme nemesis, mine and Phebe's, is heat and humidity. We individually can do either one, but neither of us can barely hack it when both factors combine. We rode out early this morning in an attempt to beat the worst of it. Our ride speed was varied, mostly conservative, with one thrilling gallop along the ridge, and a slow walk back home, with an easy canter down the fenceline for home. Five and half miles, pulse down was fine, but her respiration was a bit inverted. The temperature this morning was no more than around 80 degrees but the humidity was oppressive(humidity at 94%). Phebes is loafing in the shed, and I have been a lazy lump, dosing and reading the day away.

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  1. And the only way to get to where you can handle it is to get out in it. :-(