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June 17, 2010

We are at a stand still. Literally.

I have emailed several local farms that give lessons. Our goals are pretty simple really. I'd hoped to work on collection, gait transitions, softening, and bending, as well as traveling on a loose rein in all these processes. Maybe not so simple when looked at individually. So far I've had no response from the trainer/ lesson-givers that I've contacted. This is an extremely busy time of year for most of these places due to the flux of 4-H activities going on in the summer months. So there is the potential that I may not be able to get Phebes and myself in for schooling until the kids go back to school in the Fall (which is when I'd hoped to try another LD). I'm usually a do-it-your-selfer type, but it is pretty clear that I need some guidance to take my horsemanship to a higher level. Once I am clear on the how-to, then I'll be able to translate that into working with my horse. For the moment we are at a stand still. So today we will drive out to Leading Way Farm and see if they have something to offer or not.

The Maumee AERC ride is this weekend. I'm glad for my decision not to go. Temperatures will be in the low 90's with humidty between 50 and 80%, which will make for a very bad ride situation for the horses on Saturday (the day I was going to ride). I wish them all well, and a safe ride.

I'm still trying to get the wind back in my sails from my misadventure. Find myself fatigued, and moving like a slug for the past week. I do not bounce back like I did in my twenties and thirties.

Big Cree managed to rip out part of the stitches from his surgery to remove a tumor. We are left now with a huge gaping hole, so far no discharge, and the flesh is trying to granulate and fill in. Swat is keeping the flies away, and we are cold hosing once a day to flush out any "stuff" that might get into the wound. This will take a while to heal...a very BIG hole. So the Biggin is side-lined as well.

So stand-still it is for the moment...but I'm missing my saddle time. ~E.G.


  1. Why don't you just call them and ask?

  2. Actually I've gone to visit two of the farms, but the one I was most interested in nobody was there on the day I went. I'm currently so non-motivated by the heat and humidity that it is almost...pointless.

    I may call the woman I worked with last fall. I really like her, only the size of her working area has given me pause because I'm wanting to get collection at the canter and she doesn't have a full size arena. Phebes will not transition without some head room. My area at home is big enough to school in but we've sprayed it with chemical to kill the clover and I don't want her on it or near it for a few months.

  3. Is there a local/regional email listserve for endurance riders in your area? If yes, you might ask those people for recommendations....

  4. I wish you weren't so far away! I would be glad to help ya and know a couple of good folks in this area for lessons.

  5. Have you considered Parelli Natural Horsemanship? It's a home based study with lots of instructors around the world.

    Parelli Central