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June 5, 2010

Maumee or not Maumee...that is the question?

In light of yesterdays result to my exposure to the heat and humidity I'm really questioning my ability to handle the two upcoming hot weather rides. It also brought to mind the "what if" questions. What if she gets away from me at a ride? Am I physically able to walk myself out? The answer is most likely NO.

Her being off on the left front is a result of having jabbed herself in the leg by something during her frantic gallop home yesterday. The puncture is small, but very tender. Doug is picking up some antibiotic to treat it this morning. In the meantime it is has been pre-treated with a pain killing cream for wounds.

I feel very much like a wrung out dish rag today, but sometime need to go out and try to find those lost boots to salvage what I can of them. If I can just find the shells I'll be happy....Easycare will likely replace my gaiters for me, if I can find the shells. Wish they were bright red, instead of black!

Ride safe all. ~E.G.

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