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June 5, 2010

Do I need to join the AERC to ride endurance?

No you do not. If you are just thinking about trying a ride you will have to pay an extra day membership fee along with your entry fee. Usually about $15 in this region if I remember correctly.

But there are some wonderful benefits to joining the American Endurance Ride Conference.

A subscription to Endurance News delivered free each month in your mailbox, which has interesting endurance related articles, advertising ,competition results, and upcoming ride schedules for each region. Also issues coming up for vote will be noted and discussed.

You will also recieve a copy of the AERC Rider Handbook and AERC Rules & Regulations which is updated annually. You will have voting rights on member issues, plus eligibility for both regional and national awards. But the best resource in the packet is the annual membership directory which has member names and address and often email addresses so it is a great networking tool when you have a question about something.

How to join?

You can join or renew your AERC membership by calling the office toll-free at 866-271-2372.

Also by regular mail or join online, see links below.
Join by mail

So what does it cost to join? 2010 AERC memberships are $75 per year. The "additional family members" category is now split into 3 levels:

Adding on an additional full adult family membership (18 or older as of 12/1/09) is $50 per year.

Add on a youth family membership (17 or younger as of 12/1/09) is $20 per year.

Adding on non-riding family members are $20 per year. If the non-riding family member chooses to enter a ride, they must pay the day member fee of $15 per ride, or phone the office to upgrade membership for $30.

Lifetime equine and rider mileage tracking (this is tracking of competition miles). You pay a $15 one time fee for each horse you register for mileage tracking. This horse will receive an identification number and you will be able to track this horse's career for its LIFETIME. This tool is especially valuable if you ever want to sell the horse as you will have a record of the horse's placement, ride times, and career mileage.

Gold membership (U.S. members only). This is an awesome add on to have liability coverage on your horse in case your horse injures someone accidently. It costs an additional $20 for individual (one adult and non-adult children) or $40 for two adults (and non-adult children) AERC members can add $1 million personal excess liability coverage through Equisure. For more information about this membership level, contact Equisure at 800-752-2472.
You can also ask questions by calling the AERC at: 866-271-2372.

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