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June 11, 2010

I've emailed a Natural Horsemanship trainer.

Natural Horsemanship with Dan Bowman His style appeals to me. He is local and sometimes gives clinics. I've written to inquire if he might be able to help me and my girl get a better partnership, a little more bend, a soft trot on a loose rein, a collected canter. I will see what he has to say, and if it is affordable we will go. I like the idea of teaching my horse with guidance rather than leaving my horse somewhere since the "bad experience." Crossing my fingers, he sounds like an okay sort of guy. ~E.G.

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  1. Looks like he might be able to help. I have not heard of him. I always like to watch a new instructor give a lesson or a clinic before I start lessons with them. Then I can decide if their approach agrees with my philosophy.

    I have had really good luck with a combination of the Parelli self study materials and attending an occasional clinic as an auditor and/or participant as well.

    And of course, I love dressage, so I throw a little of that in there. I'm glad to have found a dressage instructor locally that I like and am taking lessons again and loving it. And Doc really seems to be getting into this time around as well. He likes her slow approach with lots of work at the walk. :-)

    Sounds like you have some reasonable and clear goals for the summer! Remember to have fun on the journey. :-)