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June 3, 2010


Do you need a crew for Limited Distance?
Since we have a couple newbies visiting would some of you ladies like to share if you have a crew on hand for your limited distance rides? What a crew does? And when is a crew necessary? Or not necessary?

My husband is my in camp crew, photographer, and food and ice picker upper.

I could get by without a crew, but it would be harder without him, that is for sure!
~E.G. (who is off for another long day at work while Phebes has day three of her weekly vacation).


  1. So far I've been crewless. I also started out with two CTR where you can't have a crew anyway, so that was a great way to learn:-) I have had a friend come to a ride with me once, but I'm pretty self sufficient so there wasn't much for her to do (plus it was a CTR so she could only be a "tree" anyway). But she did take lots of pictures which was fantastic!

    I think it helps to have a horse that is relaxed and not bothered by the activity. Heck at my last ride, I didn't even tie my horse at the hold, just threw the rope over his saddle and sat down and relaxed and ate my lunch while he munched on some grass nearby.

    I think if he was a more anxious horse, I would really be wanting those extra hands.

    What I do like about going to rides is the camaraderie at a ride. Even at my two first rides where I knew absolutely no-one everyone was so friendly. I had a great time and never felt alone even though I was at one of those rides by myself.

    I even got "adopted" at my second ride by more seasoned riders who stuck with Doc & I for most of the ride. That was really nice!

    I've only been to 4 rides so far, but it has been great fun. The people are very welcoming! I'm sure if I really needed the help, someone would have given me a hand. :-)

  2. I personally think a crew at an LD is not necessary. Depending on the 50, a crew is luxury, but not a necessitiy. I'm finding out that a crew for a 100 (at least at this point for me) is a necessitiy.

  3. In just short of 2000 miles of endurance rides I have never had a crew until this last weekend, on an 80. All the vet checks were out of camp so *knowing* that my stuff would be there was awesome. It was also helpful at the last hold when I was getting a little silly. However, if the vetchecks weren't all out, I wouldn't have needed a crew, but it was still nice. Soooo, my answer is no, you don't need a crew for an LD, or a 50.