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June 3, 2010

At the Vet Check (ride camp or away)

Sometimes on a ride especially the longer rides one or more of your vet checks could be away from ride camp. So what do you pack for these, and how do you get it there?

The night before the ride when you check in with ride management ask them where to put your stuff if you are having an away check (if not away you just pick out a place near the vetting area and set up yourself the night before there).

You will probably need:

Hay (a few flakes of whatever your horse really REALLY likes, a little alfalfa mixed in is good, but don't over do it).

Water buckets (2) one for sponging, one for drinking (water from home is great if your horse is finicky about water).

Horse snacks if your horse likes carrots, apple slices, or horse cookies.

Sponges. I like to have two big fat sponges so one is soaking up water while I'm using the other. You can certainly get by with one, or cut down a bleach jug with the cap on tight to make a half gallon scoop.

Small cooler. In this I have my lunch, water bottles that I froze at home prior to coming, electrolytes already drawn up in syringes (mine are diluted so I give several) and ice packs.

A rump rug, light blanket, or heavier blanket dependent on the weather forecast to keep those big muscles warm.

I'm sure you all keep other things in your crew bags (or in my case a rubber tote with lid). Care to share?


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  1. Other items I pack:
    - Poncho in case of rain, or to lay my tack on
    - Small feed pan and ziplock baggies of grain
    - Small first aid kit (horse and human friendly)
    - Some brushes and a rubber curry. Sinatra was famous for rolling as soon as my back was turned and at least then I could get him clean enough to put the saddle back on.
    - Extra stirrup leather and stirrups
    - An extra set of shoes (labeled for which hoof they fit on), or boots. This would save me time if I ever needed the ride farrier to put a shoe back on for me.
    - Clean socks for me, maybe a different pair of shoes (if I am expecting my feet to get/be wet)
    - An extra change of clothes, some older tights I could use in a pinch, a different shirt, an alternate layer (warmer or cooler depending). I've seen people with ripped tights from branches or falls, I'd prefer to have something I could put on to finish the ride if I ever needed to.

    Like you, I use a rubbermaid tub. That doubles as something to sit on. Otherwise I'd probably pack a small folding chair.