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May 20, 2010

So this weekend....if the "rain gods" cooperate

Friday afternoon we will do 3 sets of one kind of intervals (hill or cantering flats)

Saturday or Sunday we will do a 10-12 mile workout, hour break at home to refuel, then back out for another 5 miles (our LSD for the week).

Monday or Tuesday we will do 3 sets of whatever kind of intervals we did not complete on Friday.

That is the plan. If it is still slick and muddy ...and we have had rain every day this week .... and if the footing is bad? LSD may be all we can get done out here, but usually the trotting track around the back field stays reasonably good for trotting, so I can concentrate back there as our work area if I have to, it is just the slippery 2 1/2 mile out and back (if I take the short cut) that will be rough, slick, and rutted.

TGIT! (13 hours at work yesterday) Get today over with and gonna enjoy the weekend. ~E.G.

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