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May 16, 2010

Interval Training / bumps be gone

We went out for some short cantering intervals using the Skito pad. Her wet pattern was good, no dry spots. Until I do a long ride I won't know if we are going to get bumps, so it will be the weekend before I know. Today's session was short, but doing faster work. We have a quarter mile flat logging road that we canter up and back, so a half mile total. Her pulse down to 60 bmp was running 3 minutes on the average (back to aerobic in about ten seconds). We did three intervals, with a rest period of 6 minutes between each. So a mile and half of slow canter (3 minute each half mile time wise. On the third session she was wanting to break down into the trot, so she was starting to build some lactic acid. For a first session I feel it was good. We won't increase the repetitions, but will stretch the distance slowly over time. She will have tomorrow off, and we will do something non-stressing for Tuesday, then she will be off again until Friday.

INTERVAL ONE: Distance .50 Time: 00:3:00 MIN Working rate: 133-155
INTERVAL TWO: Distance .50 Time: 00:3:15 MIN Working rate: 103-127
INTERVAL THREE:Distance .50 Time: 00:3:30 MIN Working rate: 98-137

PULSE DOWN to criteria of 60 BPM
INTERVAL ONE: 3:00 minutes
INTERVAL TWO: 3:00 minutes
INTERVAL THREE:3:00 minutes

This is the farthest I've allowed Phebes to canter in one session since the tie-up incident last year. As we gradually increase these over time I suspect our pulse down times will get longer. Total distance today was about four and a half miles.

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