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April 19, 2010

NEXT STOP Top of the Rock

Looks like we have about five weeks to prepare for Top of the Rock. Phebes is getting most of this week off for R&R. Expect we will start again with an easy ride on Friday and go from there. I'm rolling thoughts around in my mind how to better prepare her physically for the upcoming ride. This one will again be held in the Clark State Forest with its killer hills. Only much warmer temperatures likely this time. Ride days will be on Friday & Saturday. My thoughts on which day I will ride this time will be strictly weather related. All things considered equally I will probably do the Friday ride to allow myself the option of hanging out Saturday, or coming home and licking our wounds depending on Friday's outcome.

Should the focus continue on hills?

At six years old is she mature enough to train for canter intervals to build cardio fitness? If so, should I do these on the trail, or on a gravel road? One causes a lot of torque over uneven terrain, the other a lot of concussion.


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  1. More photos, a write up and video clips. I seen you in two of them.