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March 5, 2010

What an outstandingly WONDERFUL day

Temps above freezing (check)

Horse saddled and cranking down the trail (check)

Ride scheduled for tomorrow (check)

Winner of the EasyCare Easyboot Slogan contest (check) (literally) (*LOL* I'm giddy).

Endurance Granny will soon have a CLEAR title on the horse trailer.

It's been a WONDERFUL day.

~I U?


  1. Eeeeee that's fantastic! I'm so happy for you! Hope you had a great ride to cap it all off.

  2. Funder,

    Under normal circumstances one would say they had a GREAT ride. However, I ride Phebes "the wonder mare" and rides are typically more along the line of yeah....we survived that one *LOL*. But yes, a good ride, technical ride on my little butt-head.

    I was so EXCITED about the slogan. Brainstormed for weeks throwing them out there. Knowing only ONE would be picked, and not necessarily any of mine.

    Major blessing to have my horse trailer finally in the clear, about five months ahead of schedule. Now you know this inches me ever close to my Eurolight. Maybe by the fall if all goes well. Perhaps we can try our first 50 with it. (Hoping) ~E.G.

  3. So you really did win?! That is awesome! Things are looking up for you!


  4. I'm telling you if you have $500 to spend of EasyCare stuff. You really should get a full seat cover!! I absolutely love mine, and so does my husband!!! They are not hot in the summer. They are a little gift from God that you don't realize you wanted or needed until you've rode in one.