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March 6, 2010

Life is Good

Arabee and Nicole

Even though my Phebes was a little "butt head" today, it was just a wonderful relaxing day. Nicole came over with Arabee and I took her mudding on the hills back here for about 6.75 miles. Arabee did great, very well-behaved, and she pulsed right down when we got back. Okay....Nicole did great too. Actually Phebes was pretty barn sour going out, dragging her fanny and Arabee ended up leading.

Now my little "butt head" did a half roll back at the canter and I about took a dive, this was because of a horse eating squirrel. Then she managed to get some brush in her tail and we had a little mini-rodeo over that. However, she drank good, and had plenty of gas in the tank when we got back. Enough to take a celebratory lap around the winter pasture (which should actually be called the mud lot). Phebes had a three minute pulse down which is good for my little drama queen.

Doesn't Nicole look pretty! I never got my figure back after a baby that fast.

It's been a really nice day :)



  1. She does look good. My husband is working and I'm stuck in the house. Hopefully he will get back before dark. But I shouldn't complain because he did get home early yesterday and I got to ride and I rode Thursday. And I'm hoping to ride tomorrow too.

    Glad you guys had a good ride! I think my horses are always at there worst on their HOME trails. They know the way back to the barn too well!


  2. Nicole DOES look great! Good to see you two were able to ride! I hear ya, it is SO MUDDY out here! We had rain early this morning & reached 45+ degrees, so we have major melting going on! Very soggy!

    Thanks for posting! Look forward to more!

  3. Jacke I had a BLAST riding with you today - thanks sooo much!

    I wish Arabee would've drank like that! She drinks from puddles all the time around the roads at home...but sure wouldn't today!

    You have a beautiful home and some amazing trails back there! So pretty! Thanks again!

    Looking forward to trying Clark in a couple weeks!!!

  4. I think Arabee just had "horse away from home syndrome". Phebes only drinks like that at home. Get her away from here, and she does her best to dehydrate :/

    Nicole considering the chaotic mess this place is in you are very sweet. We live cheap as we can, and simple as we can. I used to have three beautiful flower gardens out here (now in ruins)which have been replaced by Phebes. Be sure and get you a big bucket of my prettiest irises this spring. I especially want homes for some I've hybridized myself so they don't disappear entirely when I'm dead and gone. You like to think something you did in life will carry on. I've bred a few really pretty ones.

    Michelle, you can have some also for your place if you want. Don't know if you garden much, but they'd look pretty blooming out by your barn where you don't have to mess with them much.

  5. Yes, I should get some flowers. I am going to try to do a garden this year, hopefully a big one.