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March 21, 2010

The week ahead...

Tomorrow: Either schooling or 5 miles out back (working on a quicker completion on our hilly trails).

Tuesday: Whatever I didn't do on Monday (weather permitting)

Off Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday: Will work on trot/canter transitions a few miles out on the trail.

Saturday: Back to Clark for 15 miles on the Beastie Hills with Nicole & Arabee.

I haven't really thought much ahead on this, but will likely just work on speeding up our shorter training rides out here over the next few weeks to build her cardio. Haven't been able to get the five miles in under an hour yet! Wonder if I should just focus on hill intervals at the trot and canter? Our hills are short but steep. Footing is a factor. If a lot of rain sets in we may have to haul somewhere flatter I guess. Just want to be careful not to set ourselves up for the same scenerio as last year, though she was rating really nice yesterday after the first mile or so.

Nicole if you happen by... I cleaned off that cot in my trailer so your tack trunk should fit nicely there and actually be easier to get your stuff in and out. ~E.G.

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