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March 23, 2010

A really silly IMPORTANT question.

You know the sponge, that is in the mesh bag....with the string and clip? How do you attach the thing to the saddle without the string at some point ending up dangling dangerously OFF the horse? I need to see it with my eyes so I can have it attached, wound up tight, but easy to throw off into the water hole.

Any sponging helpers out there? Photos?



P.S. BIG CONGRATS to FUNDER!!! Way to go :) Completion!!!!


  1. I don't know about the sponge. I should use one but haven't yet. I'm interested to hear the comments. I know they had this discussion a while back on ridecamp.

    I was just looking at the Daniel Boone Distance riders website and on the members page there is a photo of a lady kissing a grey arab on the nose. It looks like you and Puddin? Is it??


  2. Yes! That was Puddin' and me after our first LD. I loved that old mare, she was sweet, loved women and children.

  3. I made my "string" out of a curley phone cord. It does not take much of one, to spring out long enough to hit the pond or puddle. I made a loop on each end by folding it back on itself, making a loop, and using a couple snall zip ties to hold loop in place. Then take a small wrap of duct tape over the zip ties, so they are not "sharp". Since my horse is one who may still panic if the sponge wrapped around his legs, I do not leave it attached to saddle when I use it. I hold one end as I fling it.

  4. So are attaching to saddle when not in use? Or are you stowing it in pommel or cantel bag?

    Mine has a clip on the end of the long string which is threaded through a mesh bag (drawstring). If I shorten the string I'll have to get off my horse, which is okay sometimes, but not if I'm really tight on time which I expect to be this next ride. I know there has to be a logical way that this thing works, but so far the art of the method has escaped me :/

  5. The snap is on the top of the sponge, I slip the end of the cord over the snap, and then snap it on my saddle. I do not sponge on the fly, so I just unclip, hold end of the phone cord "bungee", toss in to water, cool horse, clip back on saddle and go. Let me see if I have a picture of it anywhere. The phone cord does not hang down much past the sponge. Really, not much cord is needed to stretch and hit the water! So no "wrapping" the cord back around sponge etc. to deal with

  6. I *do* sponge on the fly (an advantage to living in a Swamp: lots of puddles for practice) and agree w/txtrigger that the snap goes right on top of the sponge, the sponge gets clipped to a top breastcollar ring that I can reach easily, and the cord dangles.

    If the dangle makes the horse (or me) crazy, I flip the cord over my horse's neck. I don't use the coiling cord because it tangles too much for me (I'm a weenie).

    ALSO: practice flinging the sponge around ahead of time. Yup. Ask me how I know. Sigh.

  7. When i get settled into ridecamp on Friday i will take a picture :) I am SOO SORRY i havent gotten those notes to you yet, i just have been so busy with school and packing for the ride this weekend...