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March 16, 2010

Checking out the gears and some are pretty....rusty

Especially that trotting gear. I like to keep the trot between 5.5 and 7 mph, Phebes is wanting to trot at 9-13 mph, then as she gets up to 13 mph she wants to break gait. OH FUN. NOT. So we worked and worked and worked on those issues tonight and really didn't get it solved. It perplexes me that up in the front lot where we do schooling exercises she will trot just like I want her too. Long and low, nice and easy....put her on the trail and *BOING* up comes the head, and she starts power trotting. Folks there is something to be said for a push button horse, but I couldn't attest to that from experience. I think Phebes pushes MY BUTTONS *LOL*

Anyhoo, we had a good ride this afternoon. 10.25 miles with multiple uphill power trotting intervals to get that pulse up, and then we'd either trot it down, or walk it down to an aerobic rate again. I was hanging off her ears at one point this afternoon, never did figure out what she spooked and rolled back at. Just thankful to not come off altogether.

Pre-ride she had Gatoraid laced with a little e-lyte, and by the time we got out back she TANKED up. TWICE!!! I don't know why I was so resistant to try e-lytes in the first place, but it is going to be standard operating procedure from here on out. At home I'll keep her dose low as she has salt and loose minerals available 24/7, but figure the repetition will be good for her. It took her less than one minute to pulse down after a very technical 10.25 miles, so I feel pretty good about our upcoming trip to Clark on the weekend. ~E.G.

She is shedding!!! This means the blue sky and singing birds today were not a hallucination.


  1. You should be happy she trots so fast. Why do you want her to trot slower? Stormy was never a fast/big trotter. But she has gotten noticeably better this year. She would just break into a canter before. But now she's finally learning to do a nice big, extended trot. With some speed and I love it.


  2. I just don't like the power trot. Feels like riding a pogo stick. Give me a nice, calm, trot...ANYDAY. It gets the job done and doesn't beat you to death. If she didn't want to break gait it would be somewhat tolerable, though not optimal. She is a year one horse still in my mind, she has no business moving out over 7 mph. ~E.G.

  3. Yep- any semblance of a nice slow trot complelty disssapears once we are on the trail. Very familiar with this.

  4. sounds like gazi.. hit the trails and the ol gear gets kicked up... several notches...

  5. yep.. know what your saying... Maggie has that... but her's is pretty smooth, although with tons of impulsion.. Makes it hard to do anything resembling a post !

  6. E.G- Just curious, what are e-lytes? Is it a brand of electrolytes? I am looking for something to help JB learn to drink a little more after and during a ride...