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February 10, 2010


I just wanted to post up a thank you to US Rider who also covers you in your personal vehicle. They got me towed out yesterday in a level 3 snow emergency. I called the place that did the towing to see if I needed to come in a sign any paperwork so they could get paid AND THEY HAD ALREADY PAID the claim, in less than 24 hours. Now that is amazing service.

As for my car? Once it was pulled out they drove it to the body shop. The body shop had no opportunity to even look at it yet. Want them to put it up on a hoist and see if I crinked anything underneath...and how much body damage was sustained on my 2002 Sunfire. Hoping that my Hartford Auto insurance is as good as US RIDER.

Phebes and Cree are just trying to stay out of the wind as drifts blow over knee deep. A rental car is out because of the snow emergency the car rental is CLOSED, and I'd have no place to park it anyway! TOO MUCH SNOW.


  1. Yes, US Rider totally rocks. I've said this publically in the past: the annual bill for US Rider is the only bill I pay CHEERFULLY because I am so convinced that their service is worthwhile.

    I don't "make my money back" every year...but on the occasions that they have rescued me (and my horses), I know that it would have been a long hard time before any other service would have been available.

    Three Cheers for US Rider!

  2. Yes, I LOVE US Rider. They will even cover you if you are riding with someone else. They took care of my friend's truck when it broke down on a 10 hour trip from NH to Maine. They were able to fix it on the spot, but were already looking for housing for the horses in case we had to spend the night. I wouldn't leave home without it!