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February 5, 2010

Thanks Moss Rock Endurance

Lisa at Moss Rock Endurance is making a few accessories for me in red to brighten up Phebe's new endurance halters. She is creating for me a red snap on brow band, red bit hangers with plenty of holes for adjustments, a red nose band, and red reins. Communication has been EXCELLENT. Can't wait to get my parcel of goodness in the mail.

I had ordered another endurance halter for a spare at the ridiculously low price of $35 from Running Bear. My color choice of what was left was silver biothane. I was very pleased when it came today. The nose band is very soft and flexible and the rest of it is shiny and well constructed. Can't wait to try it on her and get it all adjusted. I might see about getting a black with silver overlay padded hackamore nose band to go with it. But that will have to keep for a few weeks.

Have hardly seen Phebes in passing for the past three days. Hoping for some therapy time with her out in the barn tomorrow. The weather won't be fit for anything else, so I'll brush and meditate out there in the barn :)


  1. Woman. :scowl: I just bought not one but two blankets for my horse. :scowl: Why are you reminding me of all the blingy biothane tack I could be purchasing? Are you tormenting me??


  2. Weather like this is good for bonding time! :-)