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February 19, 2010

Hi ho hi ho into the snow we go...

I worked Phebes an hour through the deep snow. This was all snow that had not been walked through by anyone or anything. She was working if her respiration is any indication. We did some laps up in the front paddock so I could make sure all the gears were still working, then headed down the road, past my neighbor, into his field, down a logging road. She tanked up on water and we went a little farther, reversed, and waded back home. The snow was about knee deep in many places. Of course we just walked.

Noticed when I got her home and brought her home that a few spots where she had scratches is trying to re-erupt. So I guess I'll have to start her back on some furacin again, and maybe a seven day course of her antifungal oral medication. Just when you think it is safe....~E.G.

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  1. Walkin in knee deep snow is a good workout! Today was a beautiful day to ride in the snow! I'm hoping tomorrow will still be nice too.

    Sorry to hear about scratches. Weird that you are having problems in the winter. I wouldn't expect that. Have you tried any free choice minerals just to see if she is lacking something in her diet?

    Also, maybe some of the other remedies I sent you might work. I'm crossing my fingers that you have caught it soon and it won't get too bad.