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February 28, 2010

Getting your ducks in a row or Endurance Isn't Easy

One thing about winter weather and downtime, it gives a person plenty of time to think. The conclusion I've come to is Endurance isn't easy. I think it can be, with the right horse, and the right rider. But our particular horse/rider combination has taken some licks, and though we've accomplished many of our riding goals, a successful season of Limited Distance has eluded us. It seems impractical to think she can move up to 50 until she can move through an LD with one hoof tied behind her back. I want things to feel solid. You know, eating, drinking, peeing, pooping, moving freely horse. Just five little things...

I'm not entirely sure yet how to approach conditioning for this first ride. I've got feed back from a few people, and kicked some ideas around. Now we have about six weeks (instead of seven) to get toned up and moving, if the trails clear out enough that I can get out on them. Footing will be muddy, so will have to figure out somewhere that isn't a swamp to trot. Need to get out and work and see where we are at. I'll utilize her HRM and get us a baseline. Want to incorporate some work in the 140's and some brief intevals that challenge her pushing up above 160 or higher.

The electrolyte syringe was again revisted today and I had trouble getting it away from her! She likes to hold the syringe between her front teeth and slurp the stuff up. We also did stretching of hinds and forelegs, neck both sides.


  1. Let me know what you figure out for conditioning! I am fumbling along too.

    You're really inspiring me to Do Something about Electrolyte Training. (She says, as she sits on a comfy couch in a warm house...)

  2. Funder,

    Until I can get her out for a ten mile training ride I won't know where we are at. Once I know how she's handling the work I'll go from there. My training loops will be either 10 miles or 12 miles. I'll ride by her HRM and tweak her speed according to what I am seeing there. Would like to challenge her a little and try to build up the function of her FT cells as that is a definite weak link for us. Nicole and I intend to make a couple of trips to Clark for some hill riding. Wanting to squeeze in another road session with Michelle but have to get some condtion on Phebes first because Michelle's horses are fit, and out pace us (major under-statement there).

    I'm not "frantic" yet---but close *LOL* I keep repeating to myself that CC will be a training ride, training ride, training ride...

    Once CC is out of the way I'm going to follow the program I posted up from Old Dominion. I thought it was very reasonable and do-able compared to many I've seen. Most of my training will be done at home this year, it is just easier, and less expensive for me to utilize the trails back here. I'll haul out maybe once a week to one of the parks. Once we get a couple rides under our belt I'll feel better about everything. It is the risk of metabolic issues with her that keeps me mentally frazzled. If e-lytes inspire her to drink, and then drinking inspires her to eat we will have beaten at least half of the monster.