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February 27, 2010

Another yucky snow day...

The game plan today was to ride with Nicole. We got snow overnight, so getting to my place with a horse trailer just wasn't a good idea. You can only get to my place by going up one of three equally treacherous hills. In dry weather, its a piece of cake, just stay on your own side of the road. In winter...well remember two weeks ago I landed my car in a deep ditch on one of the ways in to our place. So we are shooting for next week.

So on to plan "B" which was horse yoga with Phebes. She was very cooperative with the front end of the horse exercises, but when it came to the back end of the horse it became apparent that I was taking my life into my own hands. Instant mare ears, and an explosive kick to the stall. Thankfully I was off to the side and not directly behind (I swear this horse....sometimes.....), but anyway! It became evident that she was not going to lift her topline like the nice horsey in the video, and her flattened ears, and literally biting her stall were communicating to me I'd better come up with plan "C"

Approach and retreat, touching her in her cranky places. Rewarding her when she was good by retreating and giving her a carrot. Also worked at pulling her hind legs forward. This has always been a problem with her, she is just so tight and resistant, and in order to get a really nice roll on those hind hooves you have to be able to get that hoof up. Doug does the best he can working from the bottom, but you need to hit both upper and lower aspects with the rasp to get a nice round bevel. So we are practicing pulling that hind leg forward, and when she is relaxed, the leg is released. If she pulls away I just pick it right back up, but don't get into a power struggle (she'd win).

I was a little concerned today with how rock hard she felt all over, especially her upper rump. She hasn't been working so there should be no reason for her to feel so tight. Not sure if it is the tension in her body overall, or if something is brewing. Will have to watch her closely, especially when we get back to work.

The last lesson of the day was a repeat of her e-lyte training. A tiny bit of resistance with the first tube, but the second one she actually was reaching for it with her lips all puckered out wanting it. GOOD OLD VITAMIN WATER.

Then I baked oatmeal cookies, and ate oatmeal cookies, then ate some more oatmeal cookies. OMG I want spring. ~E.G.

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