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February 26, 2010

Endura-Max Oral Electrolyte for Endurance Horses

Finally got my bucket of Endura-Max Elytes today. Why Endura-Max? I selected this one because it was formulated with the needs of an endurance horse in mind. There just is no comparison between the work expended with your normal trail, show horse compared to the demands of a distance horse. Even race horses do not work at the level of a distance horse. This electrolyte replaces sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. A shortage or mis-balance in any of these can create metabolic problems.

Now the Granny just needs to learn how to properly dose these so Phebes has what she needs, but is not over-loaded. I'm hoping that a pre-ride dose will inspire her to want to can hope! Got mine from the Distance Depot. Great service as always! Cheaper to pick them up from a vendor if you can find it, to avoid shipping costs as the tub is heavy.

We are still side-lined. Nicole and I have tentative plans to ride tomorrow if it doesn't snow, but the weather report is another 2-4 inches. The coming week is supposed to warm up. COME ON SPRING!

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