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February 26, 2010

Easycare T-Shirt Slogan Contest

I wanted to share with some of you the Easycare T-Shirt Slogan Contest going on at their facebook page:

The below is from the facebook page:
"One of the great things about the barefoot hoof boot world is the passion people have for their horses and the belief in both hoof boots and natural hoof care.

In the past EasyCare has done some cool hats and shirts with barefoot hoof boot slogans "Bare is Better". We are looking for some new slogans that will help spread the word about the rapidly changing world of natural hoof care.

Do you have a catchy slogan that would help spread the word about natural hoof care and hoof boots? Post your slogans here. If we use your slogan on hat or shirt design we will send you a check for $500.00."

You need a facebook account to participate and you can post your suggestions at
Easycare Facebook Page

$500 would buy a nice bunch of their hoofboots, saddle covers, all kinds of lovely stuff!!! Rasps! Spare gaiters, or whatever you might be wishing for :) Easycare is also wanting new folks to join up with a goal of 5000 if you participate, please become a fan of the Easycare site.

Good luck!



  1. Are you volunteering for the WEG? Just thought I'd mention it. I volunteered for Endurance and Eventing and General. But was disappointed to find out the Endurnace 100 mile is on a Sunday. So I won't be able to help that day. But I should be able to do eventing it is always on a saturday (cross country day) that I like to work. I have Volunteered at the Rolex since 2005. I work as a communicator at a fence. I walkie talkie back at forth after a horse and rider complete (or not) that jump. It's great fun! We get a free lunch, long sleeve t-shirt and cap. Plus get to watch world class horses/riders. At the WEG volunteers get a free meal, 2 polo shirts, a jacket, a waistband pouch thingy(can't think of the name) and a cap from Ariat. Just wanted to know if you or anyone else is thinking about signing up? If you want to work on Cross Country day we could ride/share there. IT's saturday Oct. 2nd, I believe. You can volunteer to be a crossing guard. Don't really need any experience to do it and you can still see all the action, up close.


  2. Michelle,

    Since my personal time is so limited I'll likely be keeping my focus on getting Phebes in shape and keeping our goals in line. However, if MONK is there...I may have to reconsider. He is Chris Martin's horse and I'd love to meet him (MONK) in person (in horse) ~E.G.