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January 18, 2010

Tips on Feeding the Endurance Horse

*Roughage should be fed at 10-20% of total body weight, comprised mostly of soft grass hay (Orchard grass, Bermuda, Timothy). Keep alfalfa ration very low.

*Concentrated feed should make up no greater than 40% of the daily feed ration.

*Add extra safe calories in the form of fats. Up to 2 cups of corn oil may be fed daily. Fats can also be added in dry form to the daily ration.

*The horse's diet should not exceed 10% protein.

*Avoid course and stemmy hay. Look for soft grasses. Alfalfa should not exceed 10% of the daily hay ration.

*A working horse in training should have all the grass hay they can eat.

*Vitamin E , Magnesium, or other vitamins may help horses prone to tie-up. Ask your endurance veterinarian about supplementation of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

*At an endurance/ LD competition do not feed concentrates within 4 hours of the start time. Give the concentrate ration very early a.m. so it is well digested by the start of the ride. At the vet checks have soft grass and alfalfa hay available, and plenty of fresh clean water.

*If your horse loses weight at a ride, don't train hard again until the horse has regained the weight and fluid losses.

*On non-ride days reduce the feed ration (concentrates).

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