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January 18, 2010

Electrolyte Recipe

This is a re-post of Dr. Kerry Ridgeways electrolyte recipe given to me by a friend. The mixture is given in Lime Gatorade, 2 oz to a 40 cc syringe, followed by straight Lime Gatorade to wash the taste from the horse's mouth.

2 Parts Salt
2 Parts Lite Salt
1 Part Dolomite (natural calcium/magnesium)

When to give electrolytes: The night before the ride, 2 hours prior to the ride, and some folks say to give at the vet checks as well. Hot and humid rides may make electrolytes essential to replace salts and minerals lost through profuse sweating.

NEVER GIVE AN ENDURANCE HORSE electrolytes containing sodium bicarbonate.

As in all things that affect the health of your horse, first discuss the benefits vs. risks with your equine veterinarian.

Common carriers for the electrolytes include: Applesauce, flavored or unflavored yogurt (may also be a good buffer for the stomach), pureed babyfood carrots, and Lime Gatorade. Find out what your horse likes best, and train with it (with no electrolyte added) so that your horse expects a happy experience in his mouth each time.


  1. Where do you get the dolomite? And have you tried just top-dressing Phebes' grain with it? That wouldn't work for during-the-ride dosing, but I think it would be easier in the days leading up to the ride.

  2. It is my understanding that you can get it from your local feed mill, and to ask for animal feed grade Dolomite.

    I do top dress Phebes feed with e-lytes, but want to get her accustomed to being syringed for rides. Haven't decided yet if I'm using yogurt (probably) or the lime gatorade (which I could keep onboard in one of my water bottle holders ready to go. Wouldn't have to worry about that going bad on me like yogurt.

  3. I've bought Dolomite at a health food store. Never tried a feed store. Let me know if they have it.

    Michelle Detmer