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January 16, 2010

Thanks Michelle for ROAD RIDING 101

Michelle and Stormy led the way today for a training ride on the road. Phebes on the whole did much better than I could have anticipated. In all we covered nine miles on the highway, gravel, and blacktop roads. The drivers that we did encounter were very courteous for the most part. One car got kind of close once, but they were going slow enough that it was alright. We did a little cantering, some of it fast, but I mostly just wanted her to go slow, take in the sights, and know that the road and all the odd things along the way are okay. The thing she was most bothered by was culvert pipes along the road, but with Stormy leading Phebes didn't get too worked up. That's the good :)

The not so good. She refused to drink all day, until we got home. Then she tanked up big time. She also refused to touch her hay bag. So --- no eating, no drinking. But she had the peeing, pooping, and tail in the air part going on.

Tried out the little on sale halter bridle with bit hangers that I'd purchased from Running Bear on sale and love it. So easy to just drop off the hack now and have the halter still on her head. A little part of me wants three of them bright and shiny colors, but the black actually matches her coat better than the colors, so I'm happy.

We booted all the way around since we were going to move out once in a while on blacktop and gravel. She didn't have any rubs, her boots stayed put, and I felt secure enough canter some on the gravel road. No slipping or sliding in her Easyboot Gloves. I got to see Renegades up close and personal today. Stormy had pretty red ones.

I got to meet all of Michelle's horses. Her new gelding is nice....wish I'd have found him first! Really like him. It was fun day for me and I appreciated Michelle's willingness to go our speed which is not very fast.

And a big WOO HOO for my Phebe's as she broke the 1000 mile barrier today on our ride. That's a lot of training miles for my little knot head. But it is beginning to show in a good way.

Kytita ~E.G.


  1. It was good. Phebes was good. Better than Stormy even! You guys are going to have a good year I believe. She's really matured and is doing so well.

    As soon as I walked in the house Allen said he wanted to ride now. Since his parents were there. So we let Amber go without a nap. I went to get Jazz and Shazam. Of course, they were all the way in the back of the pasture.

    We started out riding where you and I did. Then turned right at the stop sign (where the dobermans are). That goes down to the cemetery. Which we rode around. As we were doing it we kept hearing a lot of cars rush by. It was a bad time of day and lots of traffic on the HWY. When we crossed the bridge, 6 cars passed us. Three coming towards and three from behind. Not fun, but we made it. Then we cut the corner thru town and to our HWY (that is not busy). We get to that driveway I was talking about earlier, and Allen decided he would go up it. (he had never been yet). So we raced up it and Shazam was amazing. He galloped all the way to the top and would not let Jazz pass. It's a good mile long steep driveway. Allen thought it was about a mile too. Then we came backdown and go towards that house I told you about with the goats and loose horse. We didn't see the horse but we saw the goats out by the creek but they ran back up towards the barn when we got closer. Crossed the creek and ran up Asherman. But just as we got to the border of our property. Allen hit the brakes. (He wanted to lead) 2 horses were coming towards us. It was my neighbor Trisha. She is trying to sell her half arab and the girl that was thinking about buying him was riding him. And she was riding her TW with her. She asked if we wanted to go with them. But we needed to get back for Allen's parents sakes. Shazam did good for the most part. He just needs more riding and maybe some arena lessons too. He's like riding a freight train. He's much wider than Stormy and he's very strong.

    I didn't get in the house till 5:30. Hadn't ate since breakfast except for a granola bar I had Cleo hand me before Allen and I started riding.

    Let me know if you want to come out again anytime.


  2. Yes! If you can put up with "granny speed" I'd love to do more road work. Or if you want to meet early at Versailles sometimes. I need to work at my balance at the canter. It is probably mental....because I don't really feel like I'm going to fall off, just a little insecure because I'm not used to going that fast.

    So more riding absolutely.

  3. Hey Michelle! Top speed on that uphill run yesterday was 19.5 mph :) We were trucking up that hill pretty good. ~E.G.

  4. Yes. I do love that hill. I am planning on going up it tomorrow, sometime. Since my husband has the day off and the weather is supposed to be good.

    It's been lightly raining here pretty much all day. Glad you got in a ride though.


  5. We had what I call "a dry drizzle" here. Overcast, intermittent spitting rain where you really don't get wet, just a little damp. I'll take it over cold and frozen any day. Wanted to ride tomorrow too, but my husband has to work and I feel vulnerable to go out riding without anyone for back up if I go down. Never felt that way with Puddin', though we had a few turkey induced close calls. Phebes has hammered me enough times that I've learned to be more cautious. Phebes is much more confident when she is with another horse rather than solo rides. She will go solo, but she's much more likely to do one of those explosive roll backs which have always been my undoing. ~E.G.