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January 22, 2010

On the Road Again...Can't wait to get On the Road Again...

Uh, not really *LOL*. But we did re-visit road riding today. I was thinking the process would run a little more smoothly than it did. It wasn't bad mind you, it just wasn't good either. I started out riding, but quickly encountered the OH I THINK I'M GOING TO SPIN BACK *snort snort* BECAUSE BIG CREE IS SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER FOR ME TO COME BACK *snort snort* THERE MUST BE SOMETHING DOWN THAT DIRECTION OF THE ROAD THAT IS GOING TO EAT ME *snort snort*. So onward we go with me on foot, she on lead. This was not a complete tragedy as I'm 30 pounds over weight, and out of shape from sitting around the past few months reading about Endurance while nibbling chips and salsa rather than actually doing anything about it! So I walked a little, rode a few feet (this is accurate not a typo), walked some more, and rode a few feet again until she'd get sticky and not wanting to move forward. We got to the bridge which has a flooding creek rushing underneath. She said UH-UH...not doing that *snort snort double snort* Me with little short riding crop said OH YES WE ARE. Honest folks I did not resort to horse abuse. But I did tap her little fanny until forward movement ensued. I found out my horse can tippy toe! Very fast across moderate bridge over large flooding waterway. I kind of wished the gaurd rail had been up higher for fear she'd have one of those major spooks flinging herself and me hanging onto the lead rope over the bridge only to be drowned and fished out of the Ohio river after the spring thaw. Me and Miss Tippy Toes made it across the bridge fine. Then we hiked about another mile up a long curvy blacktop hill. Enter the fat killer weiner dog. We survived that too. Then on to the tack miracle man who I can't live without, to say hello. That done and having realized that if I didn't get home snappy like we would be facing school bus traffic (not good) I mounted up, took a deep breath and pointed my horse towards home. She proceeded at a nice walking pace, she showed a slight trepidation at the revisitation of the bridge, I just focused on keeping her away from the guard rail so if she spooked I wouldn't end up off the bridge. She tippy toed fast across. I made one detour on the way home across a field because there was a dog that I was afraid might try to chase her (had it happen to me on my other horse and it was rodeo), on towards the still screaming his head off Big Cree.

It is my intention to attempt to get her on the road at least once a week, even if I have to lead her like I did today. She needs more exposure to the world around her if she is to ever be a mentally balanced horse. I need to get the fat lard off my mid-section. Has to be a win-win, you think?

Now scuttling off to read Tom Ivers Fit Race Horse II (without chips and salsa)which I have borrowed from a Veterinary Library through my own public library. I expect much of that to be a repeat from the first one, but will dig for a little kernal of goodness. KYTITA!


  1. Wow, quite an *eventful* outing E.G!! Thanks for the chuckle...I have a feeling Miss Maggie Moon Pie and I have many of the same outings to look forward too. She hasn't seen a whole lot in her short life.. uggh... mares!!! They are all about emotion, arent' they!

  2. I know exactly what those rides are like. Hugs! It sounds like she handled it pretty well - walking home for you is a good sign.

  3. I like to trot, a good medium trot at least. I hardly ever walk. My horses are always less spooky, and less sticky at the trot - away from home I'm talking about here! Keep them moving keep them thinking. Do some leg yielding or something to take her mind off spooks if you have to walk her. I'm talking about undersaddle of course. There is no shame in getting off and walking, if you feel you need to. It is a million times better than just turning around for home.

    Going to go do some road riding later this morning. I will be trotting/cantering all the way out (except downhills). Got to take advantage of this warm weather while it's still here.


  4. Also, I think Cree is giving you a good excuse to look for another horse! It is a great time to buy a horse right now too. There are nice horses for next to nothing if you just look hard enough.