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January 23, 2010

Cold, Clammy, muddy, slick but we got a few miles in.

We managed about nine miles today and climbed our monster hill at least five times. The footing is horrible, sloggy, old sink in deep, mud. Phebes was just over it, and I was too. Did very little trotting out because of the slippery mess, but did power up a few of those hills. The creek was running pretty hard, but we were able to skirt the edge of it and get where we needed to go. We've put in over thirty miles in the past week, not bad for JANUARY!

Now a warm bath....coming up.


  1. Way to go girl!!! You're WAY ahead of me!
    With all the snow & ice I've been lucky to get 10-12 miles all January! :(
    On the bright side, since I've been stuck indoors- I've been working out on the tredmill & eliptical bike... I feel stronger, maybe lost a few lbs??
    Sun made a brief appearance, 10 minutes maybe?!
    Glad you're able to get out & ride!

  2. Glad to hear you made it out and back ok. I rode by myself as well.

    Took the gelding first and discovered the gravel road had gravel added to it. Sharp rocks. I don't have boots big enough for Shazam yet. He needs a size two. So we toughed it out the first half mile at a walk to the pavement. I was hoping that the other gravel road with the big hill, would be clear. But it wasn't. I took him a little way on it and he was willing to go but I just couldn't do it to him any longer and turned around. Came out to the pavement and he was limping good. So I got off and checked his feet and there was a big rock. I got it out and then he was fine. On the pavement. Contemplated going back home the shortest way but would have to do that half mile of gravel. Or go towards the cemetery and cross that bridge on the highway. An idea came to me and said go that way and just hand walk him over the bridge. (maybe you are rubbing off on me). So I did and it went beautifully. Only met one car coming and three from behind. Once we got off the bridge I got back on. Rode down a side road in town to find an overweight 8 year old boy (I'm guessing) with a bb gun (at least I hope) pointing into a brushy spot at a black and white cat. I yelled "hi." And that stopped him and he said "hi" and put the gun down. "I said nice day. Don't shoot that cat. That is someone's pet. Please. I like cats." He said "I'm not going to." The road made a 90 degree turn and I kept my eye on him. He thought I was out of sight and he aimed again. I yelled "hey, I said don't shoot that cat." He yelled "I'm not. I'm trying to shoot a bird." I said "I'll call the cops. What's your name? I don't believe you should be shooting anything in town." He sighed and then I had to just keep going. I didn't know what else to do. I'm hoping I bought the cat some time to get out of there.

    Got back and got Stormy ready. Of course I booted her. Went down the roads where you and I went last weekend. She was fine going over the gravel booted and we had a nice ride.

    My in-laws still weren't back with the kids so I let the dog out and took the wheelbarrow out to collect some more barb wire from the old cow fence. I've been gathering it up a little at a time and putting it in our run down milk house. (Albert will eventually throw it away for me). It's not anywhere where the horses should get into it. But I'd like to know it's all gone someday. It's in between our woods and our fields. I hate doing it but somebody has to. I believe I got a little sun on my face even though there was no sun out.

    Happy trails,

  3. Good for you! I only managed to ride Doc in our tiny indoor and walk up the lane. He was full of energy and spooky. Of course, being "pent up" in a muddy pen and the guy shooting off his gun in the distance probably didn't help. :-)