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December 30, 2009

A brag about "The Distance Depot"

I ordered a beta with biothane overlay breastcollar and a Tipperary Sportage helmet from The Distance Depot on Christmas Day. They have already delivered both items. Now that is pretty darned good service. They have been one of the best places to work with on distance gear that I've run across, and I think this is my fourth of fifth purchase from them. I wanted, but really couldn't afford a padded breast collar, so went ahead and ordered one out of beta that wasn't. The beta is so soft that I think the padding would not have been necessary. It is a beautifully made piece of tack, with all stainless hardware. Can't wait to get the chance to try it on her.

We all know my "Granny vs. Ground" percentage hasn't been so good in 2009. I always ride with a helmet, but only had a schooling helmet that hubby purchased at the TSC after I bashed a hole in the first one by falling on my head, the second one is still holding in there, but isn't a perfect fit. So I felt that it was time to put my big girl panties on and invest in a really good helmet because I only have one brain, and want to hang on to what is left of it. I got it in carbon grey since that is a nice neutral. Tried that helmet on and OH MY GOSH!!! It fit like it was made for my head, and the protection goes lower over the back of my skull. It is a just a really NICE helmet. The sizing was worrying me, but I went by their chart and it fits like it was custom made for my head.

So a big THANK YOU to the The Distance Depot for the continued great service and high quality products! ~E.G.


  1. I love my Tipperary! In fact, it's about time to invest in a new one. Mine is carbon grey, but I love the cocoa colored one they have .... decisions.

    Happy riding with your new gear!

  2. I have a Tipperary helmet as well. I love it. I believe I picked it up at Rolex last year. On the breast collar, you will only need padding where there is that metal o-ring in the front. Mine came with it from Running Bear. But I had a breast collar before this one and Duanna made me a sheepskin cover to put around it. She said it was neccessary, and I suspect she's right. Especially for long, hilly distance riding.

    Your going to need to do the XYZ trail at Versailles to find a hill steep enough to use it, he he! Also, if your not doing hill work, don't use it. Extra equipment just gets in the way and can cause shoulder soreness, etc. that isn't worth the risk taking when you don't need it.

    Michelle Detmer

  3. I would second the distance depot kudos. I have always been very pleased with their prompt service