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November 30, 2009

Change is in the air...

The weather has gone all damp and cold as December sticks out her tongue at all my riding aspirations. My second sojourn with an english style saddle has confirmed that I'll never ride english. It is going to be a western seat for me always, so I'm back the status quo, though Doug did write Crestridge to inquire if they could make me another saddle like the one I'm riding without horn, leathers instead of fenders, and I'd honestly like leathers that attach like an english saddle with the little loop. But what I want most is to get the weight of the saddle down for her. I may have to just take the one I have and modify it, as I feel best riding it, and it fits her well.

Phebes and I made an excursion on foot yesterday down our low traffic blacktop road. Hmmmm....she was fine until we reached a certain point and then she became rather exciteable. I was very glad I wasn't on board. So we need a lot more exposure. There are a lot of loose dogs and they will not make this process easy. But it has to be done this winter. ~E.G.


  1. Change is most definitely here! Oh how i miss when i could walk out in shorts and flip flops. Now it is a full process to just walk outside; Jacket, boots (snow), scarves and other warm gear :(

    You are WAY better than me! i ride english, always have and always will. My mom rides western and tried to get me to just ride in her saddle once. No way, no how! she compared me to a mule, once my mind is made up their is NO changing it :p

    Good luck with the road training


  2. Muzzle Loader for Deer starts this saturday in Indiana. It last for two weeks, till Dec. 20th. Late Archery is until Jan. 3rd. Then it's finally all over! I put a bell on my saddle and ride with a large orange t-shirt over my jacket. Even still I'm afraid to ride thru my own property and woods. My neighbors illegally hunt on our property. Even though we've told them countless times, that we don't want them to. And we even put up a wire no-climb fence around the majority of our property. But still this october the neighbors teenage son pointed a bow very near me when I was riding. There was a doe just to my left. He was on the corner of his property leaning over the fence aiming at it. He noticed me and dropped the bow and arrow. I rode up to him and told him that is exactally why we don't want anyone hunting on our property. He could have easily missed the deer and shot me on accident. I hope it scared him enough not to go out there but I doubt it. Scared me enough not to come back near there without welling and whistling and making all kinds of noise. And even then I've only been back there a couple times since then.

    Thank goodness I have the gravel roads nearby. Even still I'm hoping there are no stray shots and I like to sing loudly as I go along.


  3. Bummer about your new saddle! I think I am going to sell my western saddle. It is a beautiful saddle, but I am much more comfortable in my English saddle, it is lighter and easier to clean since it isn't leather. I love my western saddle, but it seems a waste to keep a saddle I am not using. I only have one horse and have far more gear than I need.

    If you know anyone looking for a nice saddle, it is probably not what most endurance riders are looking for, but it is a nice trail saddle, just not light weight.


  4. Lida if you send me the particulars I'll post it up for sale on my sidebar of the blog.