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November 30, 2009

Alright barefoot Tevis wanna-be's Check out what Easyboot has up their sleeve for Tevis 2010.

Easyboot is offering a free entry to Tevis 2010 for qualifying horses that will complete Tevis booted 4X4. For booted Tevis is one heck of an offer!

Check it out here:

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  1. I was wondering how this was going to work out when they first posted it. Sounds like they've made a few changes in order to actually get a "free" ride. The biggest being, you have to finish! =) I'm not quite believing that having boots automatically increases your chances of finishing to 75% either... ;) I'm 1 for 2 @ Tevis with boots over shoes, right at that 50%.

    Per their website:
    Do you want to ride the 2010 Tevis Cup courtesy of EasyCare (We pay your entry fee)? Here is what we are proposing.

    1. EasyCare will pay the Tevis entry fee for all riders who use four Easyboots on a barefoot horse. But riders need to do the following to get reimbursed.

    2. The rider has to finish two 50 mile events prior to the 2010 Tevis in Easyboots to qualify. We want people to know the product and have success before they arrive.

    3. The EasyCare team will help install the Easyboots the Thursday and Friday morning before the event. No boot installs from Friday noon on. We are also riding and need time to get prepared.

    4. You need to finish to get reimbursed for your ride entry. Last year booted riders had a 75% completion rate compared to the 50% 50 year average. In the worst case you have a 50% chance of riding Tevis for free, If you use boots you have a 75% chance. If you use boots and ride smart it could be 80% or better. 80% or better is news and will make the world take notice!

  2. I think it is an AWESOME (!!!!!!!!) offer and opportunity :)

    Very generous too! tevis is a chunk of change

    Zach :)

  3. For some reason I can't view it. :(

    I must saw that I wonder if they are feeling the pressure from renegade. I had a LOT of easy boot users asking about my renegades at Desert Gold. All of them were impressed that they were so easy to use, stayed on etc with no wrapping. I think this is the first real competition that Easy boots have ever had. Let the games begin! :)

    I must say that unless something dramatic happens, I LOVE my renegades and have no intention of switching. I think the gloves or edges (especially the edges) are great, but there's too much of a rubbing risk with the gaiters over a long distance.

  4. I think it is a fantastic offer if you are running booted AND planning Tevis. Easycare will apply their boots (I'm guessing the glue on shells so no gaiter issues there) free of charge. When you complete you will be refunded your entry fee. So if you are a boot legger and you are going anyway, it is a really generous offer. If you don't complete you would be no worse off than you would have been without four free boots applied to your horse by booting experts. I really don't think they are feeling the pressure so much as they are wanting to get the word out there that easyboots are up to the challenge of one of the toughest rides out there and the protection is superior to shoes (based on the finish rate).

    If I were able to go....I'd be in line getting my shells glued on. :)