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October 4, 2009

Ten miles today, slow miles.

We did the first loop slow. Walking with just a bit of trotting thrown in. She tried a roll back that almost unseated me, but I managed to juuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssssst manage to hang on. I guess she hadn't slammed me to the ground in about eight weeks so she was thinking it might be time again. The cause of roll back? I HAVE NO IDEA. We finished up six miles or so, and then split off from my husband who was riding his horse Cree. He headed back to the trailer, and we pointed ourselves at the four mile loop. Told him not to look for us back until an hour was up. We made it back in 45 minutes. Still slow, but I made it back in one piece. Phebes hasn't done very many solo rides. In a way I like it, as she has to concentrate on me, and then there is the potential of being dumped "out there" with the possibility of myriad things that could go wrong. But I have to work past my fear if I want to ever get into the groove of riding distance. It did make me feel more securing knowing that Doug was waiting at the horse trailer though. ~E.G.

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