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October 30, 2009

So what to do with the fall and winter?

Photo by Doug Reynolds (Julie Powell of Ohio and Jacke Reynolds Indiana finishing up the 30 mile LD at the Spook Run).

Since I've called it quits for the year my mind has been tracking on how to manage Phebes condition over the winter. I want her to have some rest, but not lose her overall fitness, and especially not lose my hard earned respect from her. So I'm shooting for:

One group trail ride each month November-March probably at Brown County as weather permits.

One weekly Conditioning ride on our infamous .75 mile training loop (1.5 miles to get to the loop as a warm up, and 1.5 miles to get back home for a cool down) with ten laps of the loop itself. So 7.5 miles + 3 = 10.5 miles

Training rides on B loop at the park each month. It is short, but fairly fast inbetween the muddy spots. 3 laps of B (4 miles)=12 miles.

Schooling rides 30-60 minutes during the week as footing allows. Keep working on my seat, trotting over poles, bending, and yielding from leg pressure, also work on snappier transitions.

Round pen sessions with free longing, then side passing both directions of the pen, yielding out of my personal space bubble, backing up on cue, ground tie, and PLASTIC RAIN BLANKET UNTIL IT IS BLAH-ZAY.

Hiking up and down the road, getting used to traffic.

This should keep her reasonably fit until we torque things up the first of March. Right now I'm wishing away the rain that is moving in. Phebes has had a week off, time to get back at it...~E.G.

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