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October 23, 2009

On our way to Spook Run...

The rain is pouring down this morning. I'm waiting for a break in the weather to load cooler, ice, and horse. It rained so hard this morning that when Doug came in from the barn his jacket was dripping puddles on the floor, big puddles!

We are going with the goal to enter, to experience, and to participate. If that means 10 miles out of 30, 15, 20, whatever. My mind set is to move along the muddy trail, rating at our own speed even if we have to go BACKWARDS down the trail to get the idea of who is driving into her brain. I'm expecting fractious horse because she dislikes the rain more than anything....and looks like she is going to somewhat wet between this afternoon and tomorrow in varying degrees.

I have two rain slickers "somewhere" in my horse trailer. Do you think I can remember where? *LOL* I've packed a large trashbag for wet clothes, rubber boots for squishing along in the mud.

Anxiety stirring in my chest as Spook Run is the first attempt since the serious tie up in April. The full report when I return. ~E.G.


  1. Good luck! I went riding at Brown county yesterday (spur of the moment decision because of the weather) with my husband (who was able to take a vacation day last minute). We met up with my friend and had a great time! Allen really surprises me. He likes to go just as fast as me. And he fights me for the lead all the time. We rode close to 24 miles. The weather was absolutely perfect. We had the renegades on front on both horses but I took them off and tied them to the saddle after a few miles. Because the footing was just perfect and I wanted to save the boots, for our gravel roads around the our house.

    Now I've been invited by Daunna to ride one of her horses (entry paid) saturday but I can't. Allen and his parents made me promise that if we went thursday, I wouldn't go saturday anywhere. They have some things they want to do that day and it would be easier for them to do without the kids. At least I think I picked the better weather day!

    Can't wait to hear all about the ride!!!!

    Michelle Detmer

  2. Good luck!!!!! The first ride back is always nerve wracking.....but there is NO better feeling than after you finish (turtle) with a sound horse.