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October 30, 2009


Official results of the Spook run are posted on AERC.

I'm still flying high with happiness :)

1 03:12 Melissa Renee' White on My Special Rafiq
2 03:14 Alexis McAfee on LM Khemosabi
3 03:16 Mckayleigh Burton on Malexia I *R*
4 03:16 Lois McAfee on Galant Legacy
5 03:17 Connie Burns Caudill on Hava Nahh
6 03:31 Ron Brown on CB Quiddity
7 03:40 Rebecca McCarty on Wineglass Dominus BC
8 03:41 Janet Kirkpatrick on Ha Hi Fire
9 03:59 Lesley Elliott on Moon *R*
10 04:00 Velvet Schultz on Fae
11 04:01 Carl Schultz on Storm
12 04:19 Sharon Knight on Ace *RH*
13 04:55 Jacke Reynolds on Lil Bit of Magic
14 04:57 Michelle Heath on Poco *RH*
14 04:57 Julie A. Powell on Cheyanne
16 04:58 Nancy Ragland on Calypso *RH*
17 05:53 Lida Pinkham on Whitehall's Doctor Joe
Lame Angela D. Phillips on LD Grand Finale
Lame Donna Beall on Aristons Skipper
RO - Lame Joyce Rueff on Midnight Moonlight
Lame Stacey Johnson on Barney (Stacey completed the 30 mile the day prior in 7th place after riding an additional 10 miles as she took a wrong turn. If you have not met Barney ... well---he is just so cute. He is also in his mid-twenties and still completing rides like a trooper). If you want to follow a solid horse, Barney is your guy.


  1. You had some quality company in that LD didn't you? She got those results up fast. What about Cave Country Canter, got the money to go??? I am hoping for good weather.

    Michelle Detmer

  2. Michelle,

    I'm calling it a year, won't be riding the CCC. I may drive down and pit crew, or volunteer, depending on the weather. Haven't decided yet.

    Looks like my extra 20 minutes at the vet in only cost me 1 position.

    Do you know Velvet Schultz from TN? I met her at TSR last weekend, really super sweet lady! They did quite well with their paint horses. Didn't think to ask her if there was any arabian blood in those horses, but it didn't look like it. She, hubby, and friend all placed well, and one of the horses stood for BC.

    Yes... That is the quickest I've ever seen ride results posted. Go Lois!!!

  3. If you want to crew at Cave Country Canter, let me be the first in line! I could really use the help since (hopefully) it will be my first attempt at a fifty on my own horse. I need some pictures too, since there probably won't be a ride photographer. But I'm not going if it's supposed to rain. I'm a wimp about riding in the cold rain and mud.


  4. Michelle,

    If I decide to go down I'll shoot you an email. I'm still on the fence, just depends on if anything else comes up or not.

  5. Email me.

    I have a question to ask you about Cave Country Canter.


    Michelle Detmer