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October 28, 2009

Indiana All Breed Distance Program

Our local distance riding organization closed up this year due to a lack of participation. I in fact had not joined the club, but it was on my agenda of things to do.

So what's so great about a small local club? First off a network of endurance riding contacts for advice, conditioning rides, and a little good old friendly competition. Face it--not everyone has the horse, the time, or the drive to compete at the National level. A local club puts you into a smaller puddle for the purpose of competition. If six of you show up at a ride, then there is your competitive pool. So you are riding for awards on two levels, the larger pool of the ride itself, and then the outcomes of your local group riding that particular ride, as well as year end awards.

It is my understanding that the treasury for the now defunct club is still there if someone wishes to re-energize and start the club back up. Or enough interested parties could start their own grass root efforts to form a local club. Lida has expressed interest, and I am definitely willing to contribute my time to serve in some capacity. If you are an Indiana rider, and you would like to have your club, or some form of a club back, please write respond to me by email: If we can stir up enough interested bodies, perhaps the Indiana All Breed Distance Program can be revived, or we can create something similar to take its place? ~E.G.

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