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September 1, 2009

Phebes is a turd.

We had our schooling tonight on the trail, and it is going F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! Why a turd you may ask? I've begun asking for the canter. I'm riding the Abetta which is fitting alright if I get it back where it should be and don't over tighten the breast collar. However, I can feel the horse under me as opposed the Crestridge, which I can't. Which means she is feeling me as well. After climbing a hill to a ridgeline I asked her to canter and she kind of cocked herself sideways, and I thought OH BOY....she gave it a little twisty buck, and since I was sitting on my seat like a person riding a horse should be, I just reined her in and gave her heck, and we did it again ;) She gave me mare ears but she did canter the ridge line. So there is definitely an area needs tweaking. She is trotting along now at a pretty steady 6-7 mph, but needs to be encouraged to keep at it. We jumped a little deer herd tonight and she got a little sticky, but I said "Lets get 'em Phebes" and we gave chase, and she seemed to like that. Her stickiness on trail is down by at least 50%, not ideal yet, but perhaps as she moves along and sees she has time to mentally digest things by slowing her trot down she won't be as prone to roll backs, and sudden nose (mine) cracking stops. I can be quite happy with a nice little trot and the occasional canter to break the monotany.

For those advising on body position I was visualizing holding my tail in the was a sight to behold *LOL* ~E.G.


  1. Farley gives me mare ears too when I ask for a canter. Sometimes throws a little buck into it, but that's usually when I get her REALLY pissy because I'm practicing the trot-canter transitions....I'm hoping that my lessons will reveal if it's something in my position that's pissying her off....or it could just be a mare thing!

  2. LOL!!! But was it WORKING??? That's the most important thing. =) Keep that tail up girl. hehe