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September 7, 2009

Easyboot Gloves 0.5 are fitting Phebes fronts...

Doug has been tweaking Phebes front hooves since the spring. Working at bringing the hi/low situation closer to balance. In doing so her angles are not quite so upright and though her LF is smaller than the RF the 0.5 Glove is a pretty darn good fit on her fronts now. Enough so that I'd feel confident to trot right out in them. I need to order a replacement gaiter as I put a rip in one at Chicken Chase, and a spare boot wouldn't be a bad idea. Ideally I'd like them all the way around. I'm feeling less and less confident of having my horse bare 100% of the time. I've managed to do this without any serious bruising, but there is always that one time and that rock with your horse's name on it to land you into downtime. We've had enough downtime thank you. I will continue bare here at home as the trails are pretty consistently packed dirt, or firm mud. Brown County....I'm thinking I'll boot from now on there, or any training ride that pushes us above 6 mph, just to be on the safe side.

Doug (LSEGH) punched holes in my new leathers today to get them short enough for my legs. I'm all of 5 ft 2 in. short! So those are hung on the treeless for back up to the other saddle. If I get into a position to get Phebes a Specialized International I'll be selling two saddles, the treeless and the Abetta. Both are very light, but currently in use. The new saddle will be dependent on getting a good season on her, and knowing that she can do the job, and likes doing the job. Then I'll think new stuff. In the meantime, what we have fits, and it will have to do.

It was very humid today, with intermittent showers. The hilly trails a mud slick. So I passed today, and moaned and groaned because I didn't get my other ten miles in. ~E.G.

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  1. Glad to hear the gloves seem to be working out. I'm going to ask my trimmer about them next week when she comes out.

    The easy boot bares & edges just don't seem to be staying on so well. Could be do to fit, but size 2 absolutely would not go on (per my trimmer) and he measure for the size 3, but just barely. So maybe something with more sizing options would work better. I loved the Old Macs, they NEVER came off, but they are clunky and Doc doesn't want to move out in them.