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September 5, 2009

Today presented several training opportunities.

We worked on our trotting intervals again today. Only once in awhile I catch myself falling back into the old riding habit and then it's heels down, shoulders back, and kytita (this one I have to give the most concious thought to, and my riding starts falling apart, soon as I get my tail where it needs to be we smooth back out). Phebes was really bothered by things out there today. Somebody was blamming away with a rifle, then a shot gun and about the time she'd relax they would start blamming away again. Then the four wheelers showed up. I never did see them but we could hear them and the drivers whooping and hollering. This created a couple of balking hissy fit episodes, but I pressed her onward. The best thing I noticed today was her willingness to drink. She is starting to catch on that you may not see a water hole for 3 miles or 5 miles, better tank up NOW. Cantering continues to be problematic. When I cue her she half cocks herself sideways wanting to buck. I've switched saddles and wonder if something is pinching as she didn't do that with the Crestridge (which is being soaked daily with oil trying to soften the skirting to hopefully elimate the rub issue behind my knee. Today wasn't the best ride day I've had in awhile, but we did get twelve miles done, so at least she's keeping in shape even if our time wasn't the best. OH JUST SAY IT.....S-L-O-W.

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