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September 18, 2009

Cross fitness for "Endurance"

The ride season is winding down ever so quickly. Another six weeks and we will turn the corner to crisp weather here in Indiana. Fall is my favorite time of year for riding, hiking, and sky gazing those lovely cloud formations and moonscapes you only see at this time of year. But as the geese begin to wing south, I tend to become a couch potato, with nose buried deep in a book, or "twitter" my time away on Facebook and the internet in general. Last year I rode the exercise bike and used exercise bands, and some hand weights to build some strength as I was very out shape after a month or so out of the saddle. Each winter I promise myself that I will come out stronger, and like the best planned New Year's doesn't exactly work out to plan.

So! If any of you have embarked on a simple workout and weight loss plan that was sensible and sustainable, I'd love to hear about it. I've been lately trying to limit my consumption of starches, simple carbohydrates, and empty foods (chips, crackers, candy, baked goods). Trying to lean more towards melon and fruit when the urge for sweetness assaults me, cut out my FAVORITE MCDonald's $1 any size sweet tea *sigh*, and taking my lunch to work more often to avoid the hazard of fast food. This has been going on now for about three weeks, and I've been afraid to weigh myself for fear that NOTHING HAPPENED and I will run madly to kitchen and bake a to die for banana creme pie :-/

I'm open to tips, and accountability. My name is Granny and I'm a carboholic.


  1. I don't diet or exercise. It's just the way I live. I naturally have a healthy way of living. I've been watching Dr. Oz on Oprah and now he has his own show and picked up some new things from that but a lot of what he said I had already been doing. I just grew to dislike the taste of pop in my early twenties. Now I haven't had a soda pop for 12 or 13 years, not even one. I don't like the stickiness on my teeth. I'm a big water drinker. In fact that's all I ever drink besides milk, and 100% juice. I've started drinking a glass of V-8 everyday as well. I don't naturally like it, but can drink it everyday with no problems now. I don't eat a lot of meat. And I do eat a lot of the same foods every day. I eat bran flakes every morning for breakfast with skim milk, a huge bowl. I mean every morning for years now. Even when I was a kid I mostly ate ceral for breakfast, and I didn't like the sugary ones that much, it was usually Honey Nut Cheerios. I eat fresh spinach with an olive oil based dressing and a pb&j with natural pb and mostly fruit jelly with whole wheat bread. I didn't grow up eating whole wheat. In fact I've only been eating it for a couple years. First time I ever tried it was then. I LOVED it. My mom never bought it and said I wouldn't like it, boy was she wrong. Now I like bread and will only eat 100% whole wheat bread. (sometimes I eat other things for lunch but that's what I eat 90% of the time) and usually something healthy for dinner. But I snack all day. Walnuts, dark chocolate, apples, granola bars, yogart, etc. I eat ice cream almost every day. (breyers all natural) I also have a "go get em" personality and like to be up and doing something rather than just sitting on the couch. I get buggy and need to move around. And I LOVE being outside. So that's about all I do and I'm happy with my weight, my blood pressure isn't normal it's low they always say when I go to the DR. My parents, sister, and brother are over weight. My Dad and younger sister have high blood pressure and are taking meds for them.

    Hope this helps. I know I was shocked when I heard Dr. Oz say it's okay to eat the same things everyday as long as they are healthy. My parents and mother in law were telling me it wasn't healthy and that I needed to eat more of a variety. But as long as you are getting plenty of fruits and vegetables it doesn't hurt if your carbs and protein all come from the same foods. Nuts and berries! Blue berries or red raspberries when ever they are on sale. I keep my fresh walnuts (not rosted) in the fridge. Okay, that's what you get for asking!

    Michelle Detmer

  2. Also, get enough sleep. I go to bed early and get up early, always have. Even in college I went to bed earlier than most. They say getting 8 hours sleep helps you loose weight, or stay thin.

    Of course, this saturday I'm going to be breaking that rule by waking up at 2:30 am to go to the ride in KY. But it doesn't hurt every once in a while.

    Take your vitamins. Dr. Oz recommends this and it's something that I've just recently been doing.

    Michelle Detmer